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RAVENCROFT SPRINGS by Logan Masterson A Review


David Dunbarton needed a change. Following the unexpected success of his first novel and subsequent destruction of his marriage, David wanted somewhere nice and quiet to settle down. He wanted to surround himself with art, not people, and just maybe get to work on his next book. But nothing is quite what it seems on Unaka Mountain. The abandoned hotels and homes of Ravencroft Springs decay in silent dignity. But when Dunbarton relocates in hopes of breathing life into the town and himself, the mystery draws him in, leading him down mist laden streets where he finds arcane mysteries and bizarre townsfolk. Leading him ever closer to the Secret of Unaka. Pro Se Productions presents RAVENCROFT SPRINGS by Logan L. Masterson. A Lovecraftian tale of suspense set in the ancient Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee, Ravencroft Springs is also a tale of desperate love and unrequited fate, both monstrous and moving all at once. RAVENCROFT SPRINGS by Logan L. Masterson. From Pro Se Productions.
  If something goes bump in the darkness when you visit Ravencroft Springs, be afraid. Be very afraid. The tension mounts from the moment best selling author David Dunbarton rolls his car into town and unlocks the door to the building he bought.
     Dunbarton needs a break from the real world, and he finds himself in this small mountain town. He thought things were bad before. Well, he ain’t seen nothing yet. He finds mold in all sorts of colors, mason jars filled with..., dark, pervasive and everywhere in a tiny town that is almost, but not quite dead. Those who remain all have secrets.

      The story not only kept my interest, but I felt myself leaning forward and shifting uncomfortably the further I read. Masterson builds a deep visceral sense of foreboding from the very first pages. As in any good horror story, nothing is as it appears. However, the author layers the story sufficiently that it keeps your interest without telegraphing the ending.

  Despite all of the strangeness surrounding him, Dunbarton develops a love interest. However, love is just as dangerous as anything or anyone else in Ravencroft Springs.

     The story is a quick read. If you are a horror or Lovecraft fan, you will truly enjoy Logan  Masterson’s  Ravencroft Springs.   I give it five mason jars out of five. 

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Author Bio: 
Born in southern Missouri, and traveling the American southwest throughout his early life, Logan L. Masterson rooted himself in ideas rather than places. His world is a place of wonders, where words are magic and anything is possible. It’s also a place of darkness: good things happen to bad people and the best intentions can go terribly awry.

Logan L. Masterson is the author of Ravencroft Springs, a Lovecraftian tale of Appalachia published by Pro Se Press. Look for his stories “Clockwork Demons” in Capes & Clockwork, and “Shadow of the Wolf” in Luna’s Children II, both from Dark Oak Press. A published poet, arts journalist and unapologetic geek, he lives in Nashville, Tennessee with five dogs, two turtles, and a lovely wife.

Author Contact: 
 Logan L. Masterson

Twitter: @agonyzer

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