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Publisher:  Michelle Browne 
               (November 30, 2013)
Paperback:    636 pages
ISBN-10:        1482361507
ASIN:             B00B7MA9II

Reviewer:       Herika R Raymer

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after The Dust has driven humanity Below, it appears that the ethereal substance is not done with the survivors of its first incursion across the Surface. Janelle and her friends are unaware of the encroaching danger, until it is almost too late. Then they must conquer or subdue their inner demons or else be lost in The Dust. 

Review: Really enjoyed this story, most likely because I love stories about Dreaming and Shaping or things involving Will. Janelle did drive me a bit crazy in the beginning, with her passiveness - but I was glad to see her finally grow a spine. Yup, truly loving someone does make you mature. Chloe, well I do not think she will ever grow up but that is also a very realistic take on different personalities. I like The Dust, how it is depicted, the story of how it came and became warped, and even why it took the blind or blinded The Lost. Perhaps my only complaint was no 'relations' between Nathu and Janelle - but then again I am a hetero and I was looking forward to it. (lol) Still, it did not seem too appropriate for the story, so I liked how you kept life-threatening situation serious and left no time for such indulgences. I have to admit, when they first encountered The Sandman, I was afraid that it was all a dream in her head and everyone was dead, as sampled by Uncle Joe crumbling into dust and her seeing his semblance on someone else. I am glad the ending was NOT that.

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Biography (care of Amazon Author Bio)
Michelle Browne is a sci-fi/urban fantasy writer from Calgary, AB. She has a cat and a partner-in-crime. Her days revolve around freelance editing, jewelry, phuquerie, and nightmares. She is currently working on the next books in her series, other people's manuscripts, and drinking as much tea as humanly possible.

Here is Michelle in her own words: 
I'm a female carbon-based life form with a strong interest in shiny things, science fiction and literature, reviews, and music. I like to swear creatively and mess with people's minds in the most compassionate way possible. Also, my blog supplies the daily health requirement of witty humour recommended by Canada Health and the American Medical Association!

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