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A Review Of A DESPERATE JOURNEY by Debra Parmley

Publisher:             Samhain Publishing (March 31, 2009)
Paperback:          304 pages
ISBN-10:               1605042765
ISBN-13:               9781605040746
Amazon Link:    

Reviewer:             Herika R Raymer

Synopsis: It is the time of the Old West. Follow Sally Wheeler from Kansas to Texas, as she tracks her erstwhile husband who abandoned her and took their son. Joined by the intense Rob Truman, Sally learns the unsavory truth about the man she married. To compound matters, Sally and Rob find their mutual attraction growing and given their pasts they are not too keen to love, or trust, anytime soon. 

Review: This book definitely starts with some steam! What began as a promising new marriage quickly digresses to a nightmare. Sally Wheeler is introduced as a blushing bride, then seen as a mother of two as well as a western woman trying to cope after her husband abandons her and her daughter but inexplicably kidnaps their son. In her quest to find him and rescue her son, Sally learns about the man she married and the embarrassment and rage she experiences from falling prey to the ruse enacted by her “husband” wars with her sympathy for others caught in his scheme.

            As the book progresses, the reader develops an affinity for Sally and an acute dislike (to put it mildly) for the man posing as her husband. To complicate matters, Sally is joined by the intense Robert Truman – who is also tracking down Luke Wheeler for reasons of his own. With each transgression revealed, the reader becomes sympathetic with Robert’s want of revenge on the erstwhile Luke as they hope Sally reaches her son in time. 

            The grueling journey across the West is very well portrayed, from the need to be careful of rations and what to carry, to the dangers of the trail. It is refreshing to see that the novel does not just touch on the hostility between the settlers and the natives, but also the questionable behavior of a few soldiers, and the annoying class expectancy of small towns. The characters are engaging, the dilemma presented reflects a haunting fear faced by most women, and the resolution is somewhat surprising.

            Truly a good read! Pick up your copy!

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where she posts her blog. She has a feature called Cover Model Corner where she interviews the male cover models who grace the pages of romance novels.

"Spreading love one story at a time."
Biography (care of Amazon Author Bio)

Originally from Ohio, Debra now lives near Memphis, Tennessee. She has lived in six states and traveled extensively. Debra is the author of two western historical romances, A Desperate Journey, and Dangerous Ties; one contemporary romance, Aboard The Wishing Star and one 1920's romance, Trapping the Butterfly.

It is with infinite love and gratitude that she gives thanks for this opportunity to fulfill her dream of sharing her stories with readers all over the world. One of her greatest joys is to hear from her readers.

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