Thursday, March 6, 2014

Superstitions, Sarcasm & Storm: An Interview

What is your full name? 

Storm Sullivan
What would you say are your greatest strengths?  Weaknesses?

Well, I’m the Emerald Seer so I guess my powers are pretty kick ass.  I get visions of things that are going to happen and I have some awesome mystical gifts but they took some getting used to.  I’m pretty sure everybody I know would say I’m stubborn and headstrong but only a few of them have the courage to say it to my face. 

Who is your best friend and why?

That depends.  Dan and Shane are my oldest friends and they know everything about me.  They are Seraphs who protected me for most of my life.  Then there’s Ryder, he is my husband and I would say at this point in life he is closer to me than anybody else, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?  When I want to go shopping or watch a chick flick or just need some female companionship I can call on Sophia or Angeline.   It’s always good to have a few gals around, right?

 If you could be any other character, who would you be and why?

That’s easy.  I would be Angeline.  She’s a smart, gorgeous blonde with long legs and she’s part Fae.

 What is your favorite book and why?

Hm, I used to read a lot but time is a challenge these days.  Most people would be surprised to know that I’m a fan of the classics.  Give me Pride and Prejudice or Gone with the Wind, maybe some Catcher in the Rye.

If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Anywhere I can find some solitude with Ryder.  Honestly, we are always surrounded by people so a real vacation would be one away from everyone for just a little while.

 What do you think of your author?

She needs to get out more.   I think she worked so hard putting my story together that she forgot to right her own.  I do love Violet and I think we have a lot in common, but she has GOT to get out and live a bit. 

 If you were on Emerald Seer Survivor, which character would win?  Who would be voted off first? 

I’m pretty sure one of the Immortals would win in the end.  But, that’s only because I would be voted off first as nobody would want to compete with me because I am relentless.  They would figure that by sending me home first then I would have time to get over it. 
Book Synopsis The Storm Sullivan Saga Boxed Set:

       Secrets have been formed in the dark corners of the kingdom. Change is in the air and whispers of new ideas and technologies have swept the land. Unfortunately, the King is old and simple and his daughter is concerned only with worldly possessions. A man by the name of Buul, a man long forgotten, has returned to pay a visit to the King on the King’s birthday. He has not come empty handed and will be the King’s undoing.

       The King, in moments of panic and war, can trust no one with the protection of his daughter. He quickly decides to entrust her life with a creature most vile and uncommon and chains her to a Vork. He does not leave her empty handed though. His last gift to the Princess is an amulet with powers even he does not comprehend. The land’s only chance, the only one loyal to the King’s memory, is the daughter that cares nothing of the Kingdom of Vosh.

About the Author:  Known in the convention circuit for her extravagant handmade top hats, Violet Patterson has also romanced her way into the hearts of Urban Fantasy readers with the Emerald Seer Series.   With a cast of Seers, Seraphs, Immortals and more, Violet strives to leave her Midwestern roots behind as she soars to the far reaches of her imagination to compose vibrant stories of action and intrigue, magic and fantasy.  Her current project promises to imbue part of the Emerald’s world with a healthy dose of Steampunk – stay tuned for Immortal Machinations.

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Twitter: @booksbyviolet