Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FIRST CAUSE By Paul West A 5 Star review

The world is in chaos from a two-day battery of explosions in many of its major cities.

A week after the explosions, journalist Adam Grey wakes up in the hospital. He pieces together the events leading to his injury, involving a woman named Angela.

Senator Cyrus Reardon has been appointed the new President of the United States' decimated government. A politician who isn't generally fond of his peers, he's faced with leading a discordant provisional Cabinet, addressing the nation's growing panic, and trying to separate fact from fiction.

Confronted with the truth behind the attacks, they--along with the world at large--are forced to reconsider conventional assumptions about human nature and possibility.

What do you get when you combine social/political commentary with a dash of science fiction?  You get Paul West’s first novel First Cause.

The story is a compelling mix of the modern day world with a futuristic twist. The characters come across as believable.  They show all the human flaws in stark relief. It wakes up the mind to the differences in our own modern day philosophies and politics without being preachy. I frequently found myself nodding in agreement with some of the commentary as if it were happening in the current days political atmosphere. 
The idea that there are “others” out there in the universe that may actually stem from this earth and now want to come back is fascinating. How we in this world would treat the “others”  in the book reminds me of how xenophobia can become rampant. 

This is a book that most readers can relate to. It is intelligently written, with a “real world” feel. It does not take the science fiction to the extreme. Even those who are passive on the Science fiction genre will enjoy it because it is not over done.

As the cover says, this is a story of human possibility. Anything is possible. From improbable relationships to conspiracy, this book covers it all.

I have never read anything like this book.  Paul West has a truly unique voice that comes out quite clearly in this novel. If you are a lover of unique, one of a kind stories, you will love First Cause, I did.

First Cause gets 5 of 5 stars. 
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DISCLAIMER – Reviewer received a free review copy of First Cause.

 Paul West was born and raised in New York City; he currently
resides in Harlem, where he has lived for much of his life. After graduating from NYU with a B.A. in History, he worked in the education and nonprofit world for many years before switching lanes and working in advertising and then fashion. First Cause was conceived as a screenplay idea in the early 1990s, when West was still an undergraduate; he shelved the project for nearly a decade, and began work again in 1999. Paul West is a sports enthusiast, a student of people, a lover of music, a voracious reader and a fervent believer in human possibility.

Paul is also a staff writer for Through The Fence Baseball and has a sports blog called PDub's Sports Hub at  https://pdubssportshub.wordpress.com/

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