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Who Are You Reading This Year?

With the New Year comes the annual book update.  My Husband, by far the faster and better typist is as always the greatest help and organizer, we have gotten through the E's.  I thought that It would be fun to share them with you.  The ones with the X are the ones I own, the ones without are on the to be acquired list. 

Shana Abe
   X   Queen of Dragons
___ Edge Brothers; __ T-FLAC; __  T-Flac Wizard ;    X  Edge of Danger;
   X  Edge of Darkness;    X  Edge of Fear;    X  Night Fall;    X   Night Secrets; ____ Night Shadow; also    X _The Mercenary;    X   Serpent Moon;   X  Black Magic;   X    Undertow;     X   Hush;

C.T. (and Cathy Clamp) Adams     (WW) 
__Captive Moon;    X  Howling Moon;    X   Hunter's Moon; __Moon's Fury;    X   Moon's Web; __Timeless Moon;    X   Touch of Darkness;    X  Touch of Evil;    X  Touch of Madness;   X   Magic’s Design;   X   Serpent Moon

Lara Adrian   (V)
  X _Kiss of Crimson;   X _Kiss of Midnight; ____Midnight Awakening;   X _Midnight Rising;   X _Veil of Midnight;     X    Ashes of Midnight (May 2009);    X   Shades of Midnight;    X   Taken by Midnight

Ann Aguirre  (free reads)
__ Blue Diablo; __ Doubleblind (Jax 3-sf);   X    Grimspace (Jax 1-sf); ___Vampire Romance 2;__ Wanderlust (Jax 2-sf)

G. A. Aiken
__ About a Dragon (2);    X    Dragon Actually (1);   X   The Dragon Who Loved Me;
Madelyn Alt
   X   Hex Marks the Spot;    X   No Rest for the Wiccan
Jessica Anderson
  X   Night Keepers;    X   Sky Keepers;    X   Blood Spells; ____ Dawn Keepers; ___ Demon Keepers

Ilona Andrews
   X   1. Magic Bites (2007);    X    2. Magic Burns (2008);    X    3. Magic Strikes (2009);   4.   X    Magic Bleeds;  5. ___  Magic Slays; 6. ____ Magic Mourns; 7. ____ Gunmetal Magic (2012); 1.X    On the Edge;2.  X  Bayou Moon; 3  ___ Fate’s Edge

Valorian Chronicles:
   X  1. Blood Secrets (2007); __2. Dark Lies (2007); 3. ___ Mahina's Storm (2008); __ 4. Midnight Storm; __5. Veiled Truth (2008) ; __ 6. The Vampire's Quest (2009)
__Hell Kat (2006);   X  Inferno (2006); __Awakening (2007);
__Night Whispers, Volume I (2006) (with Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson and Leigh Wyndfield); __Winter Kissed (2008) (with Michele Hauf); ____ In the Company of Wolves (2009); __ Hungry Like the Wolf; __ Demon Dreamer (2009);
  X   Midnight Cravings (anth.)

Alex Archer
__Chosen, The;1.   X  Destiny;__Eternal Journey (2009); __ Forbidden City; __Gabriel's Horn ; __God of Thunder ; __Golden Elephant, The ; __Lost Scrolls, The;__16. Polar Quest (2009);___Provenance;___Sacrifice (2009);   X   Secret of the Slaves; __Seeker's Curse (2009); __Serpent's Kiss; __ Solomon's Jar ; __ Soul Stealer, The ; __ Spider Stone, The ; __Swordsman's Legacy ; __Warrior Spirit;    X  Rogue Angel Destiny;   X  Cradle of Solitude;   X   Bone Conjuror;   X   Phantom Prospect;   X   The Other Crowd;   X   The Dragon’s Mark

Zoe Archer
   X   Stranger

 Jennifer Armintrout
Blood Ties: __1. The Turning (2006);    X  2. Possession (2007);    X  3. Ashes To Ashes (2007); ___X 4. All Souls' Night (2008);     X   American Vampire
 Lightworld/Darkworld    X   1. Queene of Light (2009)

Kelley Armstrong  (UF)
  X  Bitten;    X  Broken;    X  Dates From Hell; _X___ Dime Store Magic;    X  Haunted;
  X  Industrial Magic;   X    Living with the Dead;   X  Many Bloody Returns; _   X   Men of the Otherworld;   X   No Humans Involved;   X _Personal Demon;
  X  Stolen;    X  My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

Keri Arthur  (V/UF)
 __  Guardian; __ Myth and Magic; __ Vampires ; __  Beneath a Darkening Moon; __ Beneath a Rising Moon; __ Chasing the Shadows; __Circle of Death;__ Circle of Desire; ____ Circle of Fire; ____ Dancing with the Devil; 4. __Dangerous Games (RJ); 6.   X   Darkest Kiss, The (RJ); 7.__ Deadly Desire (RJ); 1.   X  Destiny Kills (Myth & Magic); 5.    X  Embraced By Darkness (RJ); __ Eryn (2007); 1.   X _Full Moon Rising (RJ); __Generation 18 (2004);__  Hearts In Darkness;    X   Hotter Than Hell; __Kiss the Night Good-Bye (2004);2.   X  Kissing Sin (RJ);   X  The Mammoth Book of Vampires;___Memory Zero; __Penumbra; 3.   X  Tempting Evil (RJ);    _____Wolfsbane and Mistletoe; 9.  X   Moon Sworn (RJ); 8.   X   Bound to Shadows (RJ);   X   Darkness Unbound;   X    Destiny Kills     X    Deadly Desire  X   Darkness Rising

Catherine Asaro
1.   X   The Charmed Sphere; 5.   X   The Night Bird

 Amanda Ashley (AKA Madeline Baker)  (V)
___After Sundown;    X  After Twilight (Anthology);    X  Darker Dream, A;    X  Dead Perfect;    X  Dead Sexy; ___  Deeper than the Night; ___ Desire After Dark; ___ Embrace The Night;   X _ Midnight Embrace;    X  Midnight Pleasures; 1.   X  Night’s Kiss; __ Night’s Master;   X   Night’s Pleasure; ___ Night‘s Touch;__  Shades of Gray;__X Stroke of Midnight; ___  Sunlight, Moonlight;   X   Whisper of Eternity, A;   X    Everlasting Kiss;   X   Everlasting Desire;   X   Bound by Blood

Jennifer Ashley ( a k a:  Ashley Gardner, Allyson James )
  X  Immortals: The Gathering;   X   Immortals: The Calling; ___ Immortals: The Reckoning;   X   Immortals: The Redeeming; ___ Just One Sip (Anthology);    X  Highlander Ever After;   X    Pride Mates;   X   Primal Bonds;   X    Wildcats;

            Allyson James
__Black Dragon, The;    X  Dragon Heat;    X  Dragon Master, The

Sharon Ashwood
___Scorched ;   X  Ravenous;   X   Frostbound; __ Unchained

Nina Bangs  (V)
__2. Eternal Craving (2009);  X  1. Eternal Pleasure (2008);__ Master of Ecstasy;    X  Night Bites;   X   One Bite Stand;    X  Taste of Darkness, A; __ Wicked Fantasy;   1. X   Wicked Nights; __ Wicked Pleasure; X_ Unwrapped

Dakota Banks (aka Shirley Kennett)
  X    Sacrifice; 1.   X   Dark Time

Michele Bardsley  (V)
3. X   Because Your Vampire Said So; 2.   X  Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire;1.    X  I'm the Vampire, That's Why; 4.  X   Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home;   X    5. Over My Dead Body (2009); 6.  X    Come Hell or High Water;  7.  X   Cross Your Heart; ___Must Love Lycans

Gerry Bartlett  (V)
  X  1. Real Vampires Have Curves (2007);  X  2. Real Vampires Live Large (2007);
_____3. Real Vampires Get Lucky (2008);_____4. Real Vampires Don't Diet (2009)

Anya Bast  (W)
  _____  The Chosen Sin;   X   Witch Blood;    X  Witch Fire; ____  Witch Heart  4.;
   _    Witch Fury (2009);   X   Hot for the Holiday (Anth); ___ Wicked Enchantment
J.K. Beck (See Julie Kenner)
 Naomi Bellis
   X  Draw Down the Darkness;_____  Step Into Darkness (2006);_____Theft of Shadows (2008)
Lyn Benedict (Layne Robins)
  X    Ghosts & Echoes

Jaid Black
   X One Dark Night;  X  Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night  (with Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon)

1._____Devil Inside, The; 2.   X   The Devil You Know (2008); 3.   X  The Devil's Due (2008); 4._____Hungers of the Heart (2008);  2.  X   Secrets in the Shadows; 3____  Shadows on the Soul; 4.  X  Speak of the Devil (2009); 5.   X    Devil’s Playground;  1.  X   Watchers in the Night  

__Tempt Me with Darkness

Annette Blair   (W)
2.____ Gone with the Witch; 1.   X   Kitchen Witch, The; 2. __ My Favorite Witch; 3. X  Never Been Witched; 3.   X   Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The; 1.   X   Sex and the Psychic Witch;   X   Naked Dragon (ARC & reading copy)
Lucy Blue (Jayel Wylie)
Bound in Darkness:
 X   1. My Demon's Kiss (2005);_____2. The Devil's Knight (2006);_____3. Dark Angel (2006)
            Jayel Wylie
___This Dangerous Magic (2002);___Wicked Charms (2003)
Fiona Brand
  X   Lover Beware (Anth)
Patricia Briggs  (WW)

Alpha & Omega (2008); 2___Blood Bound; __ Bone Crossed; 1.  X   Cry Wolf; 2.  X   Hunting Ground (2009);  3  X   Iron Kissed; 1 X    Moon Called;    X  On the Prowl (anth); 1   X   Dragon Bones;  2  X   Dragon Blood; 1.   X   Masques; 4.    X   When Demons Walk;   X   Wolf’s Blood; 5.   X   Silver Born;   X   Steal the Dragon;   X   Wolf’s Bane;    X   Raven’s Shadow

Meljean Brook
2.  X  Demon Angel; 7.__ Demon Bound; 8.   X   Demon Forged (2009);  4.__ Demon Moon; 5.  X   Demon Night;   X   Demon Blood; 1.___ Falling For Anthony (2005) (in Hot Spell); __Must Love Hellhounds (Anth) ;  3.X   Paradise  (in Wild Thing (Anthology)); ; 6.   X   Thicker Than Blood (2008) (in First Blood);    X   Strange Brew (Anth);   X    Burning Up (Anth);   X   Demon Marked

 Demon Hunters
___1. Surviving Demon Island (2006);   X 2. Hunting the Demon (2007); __3 The Darkest Touch (2008); ___ 4. Taken By Sin (2009)
_____2. Edge Of Danger (2009);3.   X   Edge of Desire (2009); 1.  X  Edge of Hunger; ____ Last Wolf Hunting; ____ Last Wolf Standing; ____ Last Wolf Watching; 4.   X   Touch of Seduction; 5.   X    Touch of Surrender; 6.   X   Touch of Temptation; 7.   X   Rush of Darkness

 Shannon Butcher
2.  X   Finding the Lost; 3.   X   Running Scared; 1.   X   Burning Alive (Signed);   X    On the Hunt (Anth.--Signed)

Lisa Cach
___ A Babe in Ghostland; ___Come to Me;     X  Dream of Me; ___Of Midnight Born;   X   These Boots Were Made for Strutting  (also Time Travel and Historical) 

    X  My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon;    X  My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding;    X   Many Bloody Returns; _X_ 1. Ill Wind (2003);_    X   2. Heat Stroke (2004);__X___ 3. Chill Factor (2005);    X    4. Windfall (2005);__X___ 5. Firestorm (2006);__X___ 6. Thin Air (2007);_X___ 7. Gale Force (2008);__X__8. Cape Storm (2009);  X  Total Eclipse; __ 1. Glass Houses (2006);__ 2. Dead Girl's Dance (2007);    X  3. Midnight Alley (2007);___ 4. Feast of Fools (2008);___ 5. Lord of Misrule (2008);___6. Carpe Corpus (2009);___ 7. Fade Out (2009);    X  Undone;    X   Unknown;     X   Kiss of Death;

Nancy Cane (Nancy J. Cohen)  (FR)
___1. Circle of Light (1994);  X_  2. Moonlight Rhapsody (1994);___3. Starlight Child (1995)

Emily Carmichael
  X    The Cat’s Meow

Gail Carriger
  X   Blameless;    X   Changeless

P C Cast
Goddess Summoning
__1. Goddess of the Sea (2003); __  2. Goddess of Spring (2004); _  3. Goddess of Light (2005); _ 4. Goddess of the Rose (2006); __ 5. Goddess of Love (2007); __ 6. Warrior Rising (2008)
___1. Elphame's Choice (2004); __ 2. Brighid's Quest (2005)

  X  1. Divine By Mistake (2006;    X  2. Divine by Choice (2006); ____ 3. Divine By Blood (2007)

            House of Night (with Kristin Cast)  (V)
  X  1. Marked (2007); __ 2. Betrayed (2007); __ 3. Chosen (2008); __ 4. Untamed (2008); __ 5. Hunted (2009); __ 6. Tempted (2009)

___Goddess by Mistake (2001); __ Omnibus ;    X  Mysteria (2006) (with MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant and Gena Showalter); ____ Mysteria Lane (2008) (with MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant and Gena Showalter)

Kimberly Cates (Kim Bush; AKA Kim Cates) (FTR)
  X  Magic

Kylie Chan
    X    White Tiger

Karen Chance

_X_1. Touch the Dark (2006);__2. Claimed By Shadow (2007);_X_3. Embrace the Night (2008);__X_4. Curse the Dawn (2009);_X_1. Midnight's Daughter (2008);__2. Death's Mistress (2009); _X On the Prowl (2007)

Janet Chapman
  X   Moonlight Warrior;    X    Charming the Highlander;    X    Loving the Highlander.

___A Fiend in Need; _X___ Bedeviled;___ More Than Fiends

Witch Hunt
___1. Haunted (2006); ___2. Persecuted (2007); _X _3. Damned (2007)

Kresley Cole
5.X Dark Needs at Night's Edge; 6.   X   Dark Desires After Dusk (2008); 2.    X  Hunger Like No Other, A;  7.  X  Kiss of a Demon King; 3. X  No Rest for the Wicked; __ Not That Innocent (2008) (with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter); 1. __The Warlord Wants Forever (2006) (in Playing Easy to Get); 4.  X  Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night  (with Jaid Black and Sherrilyn Kenyon);    X    Pleasure of a Dark Prince;    X   Demon from the Dark

_X_1. Kiss of Fire (2008);_ 2. Kiss of Fury (2008);  X   3. Kiss of Fate (2009):__ 4. Winter Kiss (2009);    X   Whisper Kiss

Jennifer Crusie (aka Jennifer Smith)
  X  Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, The

Shirley Daamsgaard
    X  (signed) Witch Way to Murder;    X (signed) The Witch is Dead;    X (signed) Witch Hunt;    X (signed); The Trouble with Witches;    X (signed) Charmed to Death ;    X (signed) The Witch’s Grave; ;    X   The Seventh Witch

Casey Daniels
  X   Dead Man Talking;    X   Night of the Loving Dead;    X   Don of the Dead;    X   The Chick and the Dead;    X   Tombs of Endearment

Mary Janice Davidson   (V/WW/W/Mermaid)
__Bewitched, Bothered & Bevampyred 2: Fangs Again;    X  Bite (signed and inscription PB; also LKH s&e);    X   Cravings;    X  Dead and Loving It; __ Dead Over Heels; __ Demon's Delight (Anthology);    X  Derik's Bane;   X  Holidays are Hell;  ____ Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light;    X   Kick @ss;    X  Mysteria ; ;    X   Mysteria Lane;   X  No Rest for the Witches (Anthology);   X  Over the Moon; ___Secrets Volume #6;     X   Secrets, Volume 8; __ Seraph of Sorrow; __ Silver Moon Elm, The;    X  Undead and Unappreciated;    X  Undead and Unemployed;    X  Undead and Unreturnable;    X  Undead and Unwed; ;    X   Really Unusual Bad Boys; ;    X    Fish Out of Water; ;    X   Undercover; ;    X   The Royal Treatment;    X   Swimming Without a Net;    X   Sleeping With the Fishes

Autumn Dawn
__Beast Warriors (2006); ___Dark Lands (2006);__X__No Words Alone (2008);_____  Ride the Stars / Once Bitten (2005);___Something Wild (2005) ;___Teasing Danger (2000) What Dreams Are Made of (2001);___When Sparks Fly (2009)

__X__1. Atlantis Rising (2007);   X  2. Wild Hearts in Atlantis (2007) (in Wild Thing); ;    X  3. Atlantis Awakening (2007);   X  4. Shifter's Lady (2008) (in Shifter); ;    X   5. Atlantis Unleashed (2008); ;    X   6. Atlantis Unmasked (2009); ;    X   Vampire in Atlantis;    X   Atlantis Betrayed

Sylvia Day (aka Livia Dare) (AKA S. J. Day)
____ 1. Pleasures of the Night (2007); ____2. Heat of the Night (2007); ;    X   Touch of Crimson; ;    X   Eve of Darkness
            Livia Dare
__1. In the Flesh (2009)

Gail Dayton
  X    Heart’s Blood

Cameron Dean  (V)
___Eternal Hunger;    X  Luscious Craving; __ Passionate Thirst

Anna DeStefano
  X   Dark Legacy

Merrie DeStefano
  X   Afterlife

Lori Devoti
 X    Amazon, Inc.

Christina Dodd  (V)
  X  Into the Flame;    X  Into the Shadow;    X  Scent of Darkness;    X  Touch of Darkness ;   X   1. Storm of Visions (2009); __X__  2. Storm of Shadows (2009) ;  X   Chains of Fire

Carol Nelson Douglas
  X   Brimstone Kiss

Kate Douglas  (WW)
___1. Starquest (2002); __ 2. Night of the Cat (2002); __ 3. Pride of Imar (2002); __ A Changeling for All Seasons (2005) (with Angela Knight, Judy Mays and Shelby Morgen); __ Wolf Tales (2005); __ Wolf Tales II (2006); __ Wolf Tales IV (2007); __ Wolf Tales III (2007); __ Wolf Tales V (2008); __ Wolf Tales IV (2007); __ Wolf Tales III (2007); __ Wolf Tales V (2008)
  X   Starfire;    X   Hellfire;    X   Demonfire

Kristine Douglas
  X   The Fallen: Demon

Jocelynn Drake
_X___1. Nightwalker (2008);__X__2. Dayhunter (2009); X 3. Dawnbreaker (2009) ;    X   Burn the Night;    X   Wait for Dusk

Shannon Drake (A K A Heather Graham, Heather Graham Pozzessere)
  X  Awakening, The;    X   Beneath A Blood Red Moon; __ Dead By Dusk;
 X   Deep Midnight; __ No Other Woman;  X    Realm of Shadows; ___When Darkness Falls
Heather Graham
___Blood Red; __ Dead Room, The; X   Deadly Night; __ Death Dealer, The; __ Every Time I Love You; __ Ghost Walk; ___Haunted;    X   Kiss Of Darkness; __ Last Cavalier, The;    X  Night Magic;    X   Nightwalker; __ Presence, The   X   Seance, The; __ Season Of Miracles, A;    X   Dust to Dust;    X   Ghost Shadow;    X   Heart of Evil;    X   Deadly Harvest;    X   The Keepers

Doranna Durgin
  X   The Reckoners

Diane Duvall
  X   Darkness Dawns

Cynthia Eden
__  The Vampire's Kiss (2004); __ The Wizard's Spell (2006); ___Hotter After Midnight (2008);  ___ Midnight Sins (2008) ;    X   Immortal Danger (2009); __ Midnight's Master (2009) ;  X   Belong to the Night (anth) ;    X   Deadly Fear
  X  Karma Girl (2007); __Hot Mama (2007); __Jinx (2008)

Georgia Evans
  X   Bloody Good

Lynne Ewing
  X   Goddess of the Night;    X   Into the Cold Fire;    X   The Summoning;    X   The Divine One

I hope you enjoy the list.  Who do you read?  

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