Saturday, October 20, 2012

ARCHON: For WHO The Bell Tolls

This year’s Archon had several Dr. Who panels and many Dr. Who related costumes from both “classic” and modern eras. I guess the science fiction community is gearing up for the fiftieth anniversary of the show. One of the biggest costumes was the Dalek in the Grand Masquerade.  I believe the person next to him was supposed to be one of the Doctors, but honestly, I am not sure which one. In addition to numerous incarnations of Doctors, there was K-9, a Jack Harkness and even an Ood.

 One of my favorite panels was on Sunday on the Doctors’ Companions. The companions are as varied as the Doctors themselves. The panelists gave a list of all of the companions, then opened the floor for discussion. Who were they? What makes up a companion? Qualifications seemed to require actual travel in the Tardis and appearance in at least two episodes. Other repeating characters like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart were consigned to supporting status. Who was the best companion? Opinions varied as expected, with Leila and Sarah Jane topping the “Classic” companions along with K-9, and Rose and Donna heading the “Moderns”. My favorites are K-9 and Donna. K-9 because, well, he’s K-9 obviously. Donna appeals because she wasn’t in love with the Doctor and wasn’t afraid to smack him down when he went too far. 

Dr. Who started in black & white, but the tee shirt is right. You never forget your first Doctor. Mine was Tom Baker with his huge hat, bushy hair, and forever-long knit scarf. (Squeeeee!  Angela Gonzalez sent me the original BBC Pattern for the scarf.) And of course, a bag of “Jelly Babies” (which he hated). I tried my first one on Saturday, and was underwhelmed.

I added to my collection of Archon memorabilia with a Dr. Who (Tom Baker) pin, and TARDIS earrings made by Adrian Mathews (his contact information is available on request).

All in all, Dr. Who was very popular, and as always, a major crowd pleaser. So, in closing, who was your first Doctor? Who is your favorite companion?

More on Archon soon.

Co-written and Edited by Author Charlie Kenmore

AM Copyright October, 2012; Moral rights asserted worldwide.


  1. I was happy to provide the jelly baby! And much like Baker, despite constantly carrying them as a prop when I'm in costume, I also dislike them.

  2. Great costume, Am trying my hand at the scarf! Thanks for the Jelly!