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Please Welcome Lisa Bilbrey Author of Angel's Heart!

How I created my imaginary friends

There are two main characters in Angel’s Heart: The Keeper, Sophie and Henry, but beyond them, there are slew of others who crept their way into the world I created, and into my heart. Yeah, I’m a little sappy like that. For me, building the supporting characters are just as important, if not more so, than the main. In Angel’s Heart: The Keeper these roles fall onto Deva and Tabitha’s shoulders. 

Both women have qualities that Sophie can only hope to ever have. Deva is strong, confident, and beautiful. She knows what she wants and goes out to get it, not letting anyone stop her. Tabitha is witty, sarcastic, and sassy. She’s not afraid to call someone on their crap. Sophie sees herself as being invisible next to these two, and because of that, she hides who she really is. Deva and Tabitha see the true Sophie, the incredible passionate woman who loves with her whole heart.

Along with the members of Willow Crest, Deva and Tabitha do what they can to help Sophie see her true self, the beauty that lies under the surface. But from the beginning, it’s Henry who does the most for Sophie. From the moment Sophie and Henry meet, the connection between the two is strong, yet both of them are afraid to allow themselves to truly open themselves up to the other. Years of feeling alone, lost and forgotten, have Sophie and Henry scrambling to understand the undeniable bond that both of them feel toward each other.

During the process of writing Angel’s Heart, I found myself pouring more of myself into the pages, my tears and laughter, my fears and dreams for the future.


Once they arrived in Honolulu, Henry insisted on carrying Sophie’s bag for her. She blushed, stammered out a thank you, and followed him through the tunnel into Honolulu International Airport. Deva and Tabitha let out matching squeals before hooking their arms with hers and pulling her after the boys. Sophie didn’t need to be a mind reader to know her friends were crushing on the men walking in front of them. Henry looked back at Sophie, a wide smile spreading over his lips. She knew just how her friends felt.

“So we’ve been wondering if maybe you girls would like to ride over to Sayar Island with us.” Tanner smiled. “We’re going there anyway, so it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Perfect sense,” Deva murmured, before she turned to Tabitha and Sophie. “Right, girls?”

“Definitely.” Having agreed right away with Deva, Tabitha looked over at Sophie, giving her a look that demanded she do this or else.

Sophie sighed, knowing she didn’t have much choice in the matter. “Fine.”

They pulled their luggage off the conveyor belt and followed the boys outside the airport. Sophie’s breath caught in her chest when a woman wearing a blue and pink floral bikini top and a grass skirt stepped up in front of her, slipping a lavender lei around her neck. She leaned forward, kissed both her cheeks, and greeted her by saying, “Welcome to the islands.”

Sophie whispered her thanks and followed Henry over to the row of taxis. Before she could climb into one, however, someone grabbed her arm, spinning her around with an alarming amount of force. She found herself face to face with an old woman, who gaped at her. Her eyes were wild, a crazed smile tugged on her lips, her dark hair was matted with dirt and grime, and her skin was covered in soot and bruises. The woman’s ratty appearance made it clear that she had lived a rough life on the streets.

Before Sophie could do as much as take a breath, the woman started speaking, her voice grainy and rough. “When the tides fall with the rising moon, protect the Heart.” The old woman shifted her eyes over to Henry. Her free hand came up, grabbing onto the front of his white shirt. “Keep close to your heart’s desire, or lose yourself completely.”

Before Sophie or Henry could respond, the woman released her hold on them and hurried away, muttering under her breath about prophecies coming to life. Sophie could only stare after her, wondering what that old woman had been talking about and why she felt the need to actually heed her warning.

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us!  

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

  2. Nice excerpt and book cover. So far I am intrigued. If you don't mind me asking, what is the genre of you book? They woman and her prophecy have me thinking there is more that meets the eye here.

  3. Wonderful to have you Lisa! I want to read this one as well . I t is definitely on the TBR List!

  4. Pleasure to have you Lisa. I love the blog. This is surely on my must read list. Thank you.

  5. @Scott Moon-- I'd describe this as a Paranormal Romance. Sophie is a witch, and a very powerful one. Suddenly, she finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed.

    And thanks everyone! This book is my baby, and I loved every moment of writing it. There is a sequel in the works, as well.