Thursday, July 5, 2012

Irish Pubs, Hookah Bars and Fandom Fest….

 So many things happened at Fandom Fest.  Plenty of Fangirl moments, plenty of fun had by all. 

What A Crew
Best Dinner Place award goes to OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY!  Had an awesome time with new friends. We all kind of became extended family.  Plenty of good food, and conversation.

 Best Before Dinner Companions Award goes to Angie Fox and Family!

The opportunity to spend some private time with one of my favorite authors. I did not take a photo of Angie and her family out of respect,  But a fun time was had by all.
 Most embarrassing Moment Award : goes to Me.   

Only a few know what was said Angie Fox, Shirley Damsgaard, and a few others.  I think I turned 4 shades of bright red, but the end result was awesome!

Best Breakfast Companion Award:  goes to Shirley Damsgaard. 
 Due to an exhausted Angie Fox, I got to have coffee and a private chat (well Charlie Kenmore was there as well) with Shirley Damsgaard.  I can’t wait to start beta reading for her

Some of the Guests of Honor on the Literary Track were so real.  Just really nice people.  Julie Kagawa signed my Autograph book ad drew a cat.  Since my nickname is MOMCAT, I found this particularly endearing.  I went to the book signing for Robin Hobb and Julie Kagawa and they suggested that I come behind the table and take a picture with them.  Silly for some, but I truly love that picture.
Timothy Zahn:  Every time he had a signing, or a break out session or Q&A, Charlie and I were always busy with our own panels.  On Sunday, we were down in the vendor area. I was sitting by the table some friends had resting my aching knee when Charlie pointed out Timothy Zahn.  He chased him down and asked if he would sign my book telling him that I would do it, but my knee was really hurting me.  Mr. Zahn signed the book and also signed several book plates and personalized them to me (even though most of if not all the Timothy Zahn books are Charlie’s).  He then told Charlie that he would come back over for a photo.  The Man actually got down on one knee beside me for the photo.  This is one picture that I will truly treasure.

I truly can not tell you what was my favorite moment…  Perhaps it was feeding and holding the sweet Ms. Alice. 

Perhaps it was lunch the last day at the Hard Rock Café…. Perhaps it was meeting and spending time with new friends and family.  

 Meeting authors who are wonderful sources of inspiration.  Was it Charlie making contacts (a very important thing) Charlie showing off his book (also important).  Every minute, every mile, every smile was so worth it. 

Here is to next year.  I hope we are included in the festivities. 



  1. Awesome post!!! I love all the pictures and I'll just say this again, it was awesome meeting you and spending time on panels together!!! You made my first year at Fandom fest amazing.


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