Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Irish Pubs, Hookah Bars and Fandom Fest

Hey, all.  We got back to St. Louis around 8:00 p.m. CST Sunday night.  Let me tell you about our trip.

Thursday was filled with travel and getting settled for the weekend.  The drive through central Indiana was beautiful.  It was an uneventful trip down Interstate 64.  A few stops and several hours later we reached Louisville, home of Fandom Fest. 

We reached the Galt House at about 12:30 their time (I lost an hour along the way).   The Galt House is huge--twenty five floors, lots of guest rooms, plus convention space. (more on that later).  We weren’t staying at the Galt House due to budgetary concerns, but we stopped to get the lay of the land (plus by that time I really had to use the facilities). We wanted to get a peek at what we were in store for…..

Charlie dropped me off and I went inside.  The place is gorgeous.  As I wandered the first floor waiting for Charlie to come back, I spotted what I thought was a very familiar face, not being sure at the distance I was from said “face”.  He seemed to be looking for something or someone.  I hurried to get a bit closer, then called out “Stephen?”.  He turned, and that was my first of many face to face encounters with the fabulous Stephen Zimmer.  In case I forget to say it later, I will say it now.  Stephen Zimmer did one hell of a job pulling all the awesome authors, bloggers, and publishers together! 

We only spent a few seconds with him, since he had so much to do yet to make sure the weekend went smoothly.  Afterwards, we took a minute to peek up on the second floor  to see where registration and rooms for panels and vendors would be.  Remember this place is huge, but I digress and will share more about that in a later post. 

After we left The Galt House, we wandered south to see Churchill Downs.  Now mind you, it is not that I am a huge horse race fan (though I have been to several in the past and have enjoyed them)  It is a Landmark that we wanted to see.
We had a couple of hours to kill before we could check into our hotel, so we decided to wander some more, and get lunch.  Some how we got turned around and wound up in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Instead of fighting traffic, we found Adrienne and Co., Inc., a bakery and deli.  The food was delicious!  The cook did not put in our order right away so we got a free dessert.  OMG!  The baked goods were tremendous and the portions were large. If you are ever in the area stop by, you can't co wrong here for lunch.

We finally got back across the river and into Louisville, KY, and wandered our way to our hotel which was outside the city.  We stumbled upon an area call “The Highlands”, an area filled with Irish pubs, Hookah Bars, and coffee shops.  It’s such a neat and eclectic area, that I want to visit again.  We also passed the cemetery where Colonel Sanders of KFC fame is buried.  It also has a civil war section in it that I want to visit the next time we go to Louisville.

We got to our hotel and checked in.  We knew that several of our online friends would be in Louisville on Thursday, so once settled, we called to see who was in.  Selah Janel, Alexandra Christian, and Crymsyn Hart were at the hotel.  We suggested since everyone needed to eat by this time that we have dinner together and chat.  After getting cleaned up we met the ladies at the Galt House Hotel. Since we had a car available, we headed back to “The Highlands” area on Bardstown Road, and went to an Irish Pub called O’Shea’s.  The food was to die for.  The conversation, and instant friendship was amazing.  The girls were so much fun!  We sat chatting for a while before it was obvious to all we were exhausted from travel, and the festivities of Fandom Fest had not even begun!  We trudged to the car (it was still very hot and all had full stomachs) and we took the girls back to their hotel, with the promise to find each other the next day.

Tomorrow’s post:  Day One of Fandom Fest: 


  1. We all had such a fun time getting to know you guys in Louisville! That's really the best part of Cons to me-- making lifelong friends. *blowing kisses* Miss you guys already!