Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me..

Though it is customary for the birthday girl to receive gifts on her day, I am gonna switch things up a bit.  Each day for the next 14 days (maybe more)  I will choose a winner among comments left on any of the Fandom Fest blog posts.  One entry per day.  To be entered daily you must comment daily. One win per person.  It will be your choice of the books or other gifts listed (I may add books so the contest will then be extended) Once a book is won it will be taken off the list.  Please include your email so that you can be notified.

presents Available

Author                          Title                                                            Format

Charlie Kenmore:         Flow of Magic                                                   PDF

Selah Janel                    Mooner                                                           PDF  

Zillah Anderson            The Inheritance                                              PDF

H. David Blalock          AngelKiller                                                      Paperback

D. A Adams                 The Brotherhood of Dwarves                          Paperback

M. R. Sellars                 Harm None                                                    Paperback

M. R. Sellars                 Never Burn A Witch                                     Paperback

M. R. Sellars                 Perfect Trust                                               Paperback

M. R. Sellars                In The Bleak Midwinter                                 Paperback



  1. It was great meeting you at Fandom Fest, Alexx! Thanks for this contest. :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

  2. Happy Birthday! And thanx for letting us help you celebrate.

  3. Very, very generous of you, and some great books to win, too. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and congrats in advance to all the fortunate winners.:)

  4. Happy Birthday you hot sexy woman...... Hope it was all you wished for.