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Welcome Fandom Fest Panelists S. H. Roddey & Selah Janel

 The Awesome S. H. Roddey

ARM:  Where do you get the inspiration for your stories or characters?
SHR:   It comes from everywhere... music is a big one for me.  Song lyrics constantly put ideas in my head.  The people around me often end up in stories in one form or another (not always in a good way either), and I also tend to have very strange dreams. The ones I remember often end up as outlines.  Some of them even get written.

ARM:  Do your characters talk to you?

SHR:   More often than I’d like, and always at very inconvenient times.  When I actually want them to start talking, they clam up and smile at me.  They like to have conversations with each other in my head too… it’s really scary when characters from different stories start talking to each other.  Bad things happen.

ARM:  What other authors would you suggest to fans of you work?

SHR:   Ooh, shameless favorite! For my horror/sci-fi/fantasy writing, I’m always going to suggest Stephen King because he’s my literary hero.  On the romance end, I’d probably tell people to go after the Harlequin Blaze and Nocturne lines, and probably also point them in the direction of my good friend Alexandra Christian.  She and I have very similar styles and spend a lot of time arguing over which of us is the worst writer.  I still say she’s better than me.
ARM:  What are some things that you would like your fans to know about you?

SHR:   Hmmm… what is there that I haven’t told yet?  I’m married with two cats and two kids.  I just turned 30 in February.  I’ve been writing since I was able to hold a pencil, and I’m so scatterbrained when it comes to my writing that I can’t stay in just one genre.   I write under two names – S.H. Roddey and Siobhan Kinkade, and often both personalities turn on me and concoct horrible, evil things…and then they make me write them.  It’s awful not being in control of myself.

ARM:  Do you have a current work in progress?

SHR:   A work? Just one? *dies laughing* I have several.  As S.H. Roddey I have two novels in progress, a short and a novella finished and under personal review, and one very personal short story in beta/submission that will ultimately start a long series of novels.  As Siobhan Kinkade I’ve got about twenty projects.  There are four novels and multiple short stories, one of which is a sequel to my first novella, Marked.  I told you…they gang up on me! 

ARM:  What are you excited about doing or seeing at Fandom Fest?

SHR:   I’m always excited about the panels and getting to meet people, but this year I’m most excited about the huge number of friends that will be there.  I have friends coming (both as guests and paying attendees) that I haven’t seen in years as well as several online friends that I can’t wait to meet in person.  By the time it’s over, Kentucky may never be the same agin. 

ARM:  Where can we find out more about you and your books?

SHR:   I’m always hanging out somewhere as one personality or the other.
As S.H. Roddey:

As Siobhan Kinkade:

 Siobhan Kinkade

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Marked - Available at Sugar & Spice Press
She-Wolf - Available at Sugar & Spice Press Blood Doll - Available at Sugar & Spice Press
Something in the Air - Available from Rebel Ink Press
Letting Go - Available from Rebel Ink Press

The Wonderful Selah Janel!
ARM:   Where do you get the inspiration for your stories or characters?

SJ:   I’m one of those people that get ideas from everywhere. I can’t walk down the street without wondering what would happen if some creature crawled out from under a manhole or if a store window was an inter-dimensional portal or something. I love the what-if of a situation, and I love combining the fantastic with the awesome things that make up the everyday. That being said, I tend to keep going back to things I like: history, how people treat each other, music, fairy tales, magic, vampires, etc…I just happen to like a lot of stuff and I love finding new ways to handle traditional stories or genre clichés.


 ARM:  Do your characters talk to you?

SJ:   It depends on the story. With my shorter pieces, not as much, but with the longer things I’m working on right now, definitely. And they always choose to open their big mouths when I can’t write anything down, like when I’m driving or in the shower. They’re maddening, but a story always flows better for me if I can get the characters to start talking. Once those random ideas start popping into my head and fleshing things out, I feel much more comfortable with things.

ARM:  What other authors would you suggest to fans of you work?

SJ:   I don’t know that I’m even remotely as good as these authors, but these are the three that I think have influenced me the most. I absolutely love Ray Bradbury and how no matter how fantastic or far-fetched his stories, he always has a believable emotional core. Plus, his descriptions are always phenomenal and guaranteed to get a reaction. I really love Neil Gaiman and how he puts his own spin on so many old mythological and folk tale archetypes. His humor is wicked and I feel like there’s no real limit to his imagination; it wouldn’t surprise me if we haven’t even seen a fraction of what’s in his head yet. Lastly, I grew up reading the books of Madeline L’Engle and for me she’s got some of the best female protagonists in genre fiction. They’re believable and make you feel like as a normal girl you can do anything. Plus, she’s so good at mixing science and real-world problems into her stories and sinking a reader right smack in the middle of whatever her characters are going through. 

ARM:   What are some things that you would like your fans to know about you?

SJ:   I love making things! I’ve worked in costumes for different theatres and companies for a long time, and I like knitting and crafting geeky little things for myself. I’m really into different types of music and I love getting out and walking in nature and just immersing myself in whatever a day has to offer. My sense of humor is a little skewed and I’m one of those horrible people who like puns, so you never know what’s going to come out of my mouth! And at the end of the day I really love reading and appreciating the things that I like. I’m all about talking up new things and people I stumble onto, and I firmly believe in the power of the genres I write.

ARM:  Do you have a current work in progress?

SJ:   I’m working on edits for In the Red, which is my next release with No Boundaries Press. It’s a re-interpretation of the fairy tale The Red Shoes that blends in aspects of rock urban legends. It’s a story that I’m really excited to share with people and it’s been fun to work on. I also have a short story coming out in Issue 3 of The Realm Beyond that’s about a princess who decides to run away with a dragon. I’m currently writing two novellas - one blends chick lit and horror and the other is rock n’ roll conspiracy theory - and trying to finish up work on my first novel.

 ARM:  What are you excited about doing or seeing at Fandom Fest?

SJ:   This will be my first con that I’ve attended as an author, so I’m really excited to meet other writers and get to know people. I’m looking forward to sitting on panels and getting more involved in that sort of thing, and just plain putting myself out there more. And geek that I am, I’ll definitely be walking around taking millions of pictures of any cool costumes and geeking out over all the different guests!

 ARM:  Where can we find out more about you and your books?

Here are the places I usually hang out at:

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