Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome Fandom Fest Panelist Kayelle McClive!

ARM:      Where do you get the inspiration for your stories or characters? 

KM:   All over the place! My book Confederate Moon was actually suggested to me by my husband when we were shooting a wedding at an old Civil War era plantation. He said “What if the South had won the Civil War because Vampires helped them?” And voila… the concept was there and I fleshed it all out. I get story ideas from song lyrics, scenes that just pop into my head as well as landmarks I see when I’m out traveling.
ARM:     Do your characters talk to you?  

KM:   They do, and they argue with me and sometimes they change my plot because they don’t like what I’ve decided for them. Some of them never shut up. My characters are very real and I think that is what helps my readers identify with them even more. It also has convinced my children and family that I need help that they can’t afford.
ARM:     What other authors would you suggest to fans of you work?

KM:   Kellie J Kamryn, she’s a great romance writer, Danielle Gavan who writes in the paranormal erotic genre and Carol Preflatish who does romantic mystery suspense.
ARM:     What are some things that you would like your fans to know about you?

KM:   Well I’m a mom of 5 kiddos, and married to my best friend and soul mate. I love music and have an unhealthy obsession with the group Nickelback and the actor Ryan Reynolds. I am a huge HUGE hockey fan. I love the game, the excitement, the skill it requires and how rough this guys play. I love to laugh and do so a lot and try not to take myself too seriously.
ARM:     Do you have a current work in progress?

KM:   My current WIP is my novel Confederate Moon. The novel is about a young woman who has to learn and accept that she is more than she thought she was while navigating the politics of vampires and wolves in a world where slavery still exists and at any moment she too could become a slave.
It had actually been finished, submitted, and accepted with a publishing company but during edits I cancelled the contract and decided that I didn’t like how I had written it. It was written in a 3rd person limited style and I think it took away from the mystery of the story and it made my heroine a bit of a wuss. So I decided to write it in first person, change the villains around, totally revamped the entire novel and am in the process of signing with a different publisher. It was a huge decision to make but in the end the best for the novel.
My first 2 releases were contemporary romances that involve hockey players as the “heroes” of the book. I love hockey and love writing about their
ARM:     What are you excited about doing or seeing at Fandom Fest?

KM:   Everything!!! I cannot WAIT to meet the guys from the Boondock Saints, one of my all time favorite movies!!  I love the panels, I can’t wait to see the authors that I met last year and became Facebook and Twitter friends with as well as getting Confederate Moon into the hands of readers there.
ARM:     Where can we find out more about you and your books?

KM:   You can find me at and on Twitter and Facebook at kayellemcclive.

 Excerpt of Confederate Moon
“I’m Bryne.”
He tilted his head and grinned, that same sexy grin he’d walked in the door with. My cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling back at him so much.
“Bryne, that’s a pretty name. I’m your new boyfriend, nice to meet you,” he took the time to look around the bar, then back at me, “nice little place you have here, tucked away all safe and sound from the big city.”
“It’s nice to meet you too. Now do you have a name or do I just scream “Baby” when I wanna talk to you?” I questioned him, enjoying our silly little banter, at least the time would pass faster this way.
Finding myself watching him closer, I noticed that I could feel his power, it came off of him like soft, warm waves. It held life in it, giving me the sensation of being out in the woods with wildlife all around me. I’d never felt anything like it before and it thrilled me a little bit and scared me too. This man, this wolf, was no one to toy around with. He was like no one I’d ever met before. His eyes seemed old, wise, and yet I could see the devious little glint in them as he stared back at me as he sipped his drink. His brown hair was combed back away from his face, but you could tell he didn’t take much time to mess with it and it was left to do what it wanted. He had a very well kept beard and mustache and the more I looked at him I could almost feel the earthiness in him. It was real and I knew it had to be the wolf in him. He didn’t look a day over 30 years old but there was this aura about him that spoke of a maturity that came from living far more than those young years. He was looking right back at me, both of us not hiding the fact that we were looking but it wasn’t awkward. He broke the silence first as he sat his glass down.
“You know, you wouldn’t have to scream it all the time, you could whisper it sometimes too.” he commented and I laughed out loud. He smiled before he gave me a little wink.
“Nolan Shea.”
“Well then Nolan, it’s nice to meet you and I’ll remember I can whisper it too. So since you’ve decided we’re dating now, what should I know about you?”
“I’m cute and adorable, but you already know that. I like long runs through the woods followed by hot and sweaty sex. I have no problem beating the hell out of anyone that looks at you funny or says something that pisses me off, which doesn’t take all that much sometimes. Oh and I’m awesome at torturing people, it’s a natural gift I was just born with it.”
“Well you’re sounding just like a winner more and more. How did I get so lucky?” I asked, finishing off my own drink and placing the glass in the dirty tub.
He shifted then and I saw the change in his eyes, on his face and I was instantly worried. He wasn’t here to flirt, I could see that now. He was all business.
“It just so happens that I bought your debt here on the bar, so I thought I should come say Hi, see what I spent my hard earned money on.”
“Closing time guys!” Michael called out quickly and I saw George look over at me, concern written on his face. A hint of a smile was given from me to him as he stood then and left his money on the bar like he always did.
“I’m headed home Brynie, I’ll see you tomorrow.” he told me and I walked over, taking the money from where it lay on the bar. He reached out and gave my hand a soft pat before he turned to go.
“See you tomorrow George.”
The customers were walking up to Michael to square away their tabs while I stood in front of the wolf, staring him down, arms folded across my chest.
So he’d come to see his investment? It was pretty ballsy of him to not even bother to call me or even send some kind of letter first.
“So you did huh? You have the paperwork for me?” I asked. If he was going to pull a stunt like this, then I was going to be a hard ass with him. I wasn’t going to let him think he could just get away with being a smart ass because he might have owned my debt, even if he was the sexiest man I’d ever laid eyes on.
He turned then, making sure all the customers were out of the bar and Michael was locking the door behind them before looking back at me. He nodded then and took the last drink of his beer.
“I do. I didn’t bring them with me tonight. It’s not like I carry around paperwork that important to a bar when I just went out to have a drink.”
“Oh just coming in for a drink huh? What was all that crap earlier? You don’t have to try and win me over. I pay my bills, I might be a couple days late sometimes, but they get paid.”
He held up his hands in a mock sort of surrender.
“No need to bite my head off. Isn’t a man allowed to flirt with a beautiful woman when he meets her?”
Well what was I supposed to say to that? Was he just pulling more wool over my eyes or was he being serious? It was hard to tell and at this point I was so nervous and ticked off that I almost wished I hadn’t asked.
“Just seems awfully convenient for you to come in, be all cute and adorable as you called it and then announce to me you bought my debt.”
“I wasn’t expecting you to be like this,” he said quickly with a wave of his hand, “to be honest I was expecting someone a bit older.”
“Sorry to disappoint you.” I quipped as I reached for his glass to place it in the dirty tub.
He reached out then and grabbed my wrist so fast that I barely saw it but the rush of energy I felt was nothing short of unbelievable. I tried to pull my hand away but he held firm. I looked up at him, wondering what the hell he was thinking.
When our eyes met it was like being drawn into that power even more and I could feel his wolf, could feel the warmth as well as the power. I thought I’d felt power earlier but it was nothing compared to this. I could feel the fur of that otherworldly beast brushing against my arm. I felt it move and I saw the wolf look at me as if he was looking into the very heart of me. His eyes were that same beautiful honeyed brown.


  1. Kayelle McClive is by far one interesting author, I want to say thank you for having her over. I was very happy to have her over on my blog "The AfterDark World", and her idea of the book has such a wonderful concept. I also enjoyed the excerpt, and I'm looking forward to getting the copy.

  2. Hi! I can't wait to see you again, too, buddy-girl! I'm SO excited for you! :)