Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Thanks for letting me hang out today, Alexx

I write sex and I write A LOT of it. Sex…innocent sex…raw sex…emotional sex…explicit sex…implied sex…sex & violence…sex & love…sex & convenience…sex & candy – oh wait that’s a song. But, maybe there’s an idea in that.

The thing with sex is there’s only so many ways you can write it. So, you have to bring in new ideas, multiple partners and sometimes even various fetishes and more extreme forms of sex to keep something new and different about each scene. What’s fun about that? Well, the research, of course. But even more so is that with each sexual variety, you find more readers to meet. Something about something you added caught their eye. 

Book experimentation sex is almost as intense as real life sexual experimentation. You have to have your mind into the scene and really think about logical reactions. Those reactions have to be based on your characters, though…not on your own personal reactions. Fun.

Just as authors want readers to get lost in their characters, I get lost in mine. I create the men in my books and their ideas on sex on what I think it should be like. I try not to create whiney women…but I have found that some characters just lead you that way and there’s no way around it.

Sex is similar. Not every erotic writer has had the sex we write about. Do we want to? Probably some of it. But all of it? Most likely not. See? We’re just like everyone else. We have insecurities and trust issues. Our characters do as well, at times. But it also allows us to make them strong in other areas.

Encounters with sex is where I try to really bring out my characters and their connections. Most times, with any give scene, you can almost tell if I plan on keeping the characters together for the whole book or series.

Speaking of sex, Alexx has told me I can tell you about my two books coming out over the next few weeks. The first is Holding on to the Pain and it’s book 2 in the Living Deadly Series. (Disclaimer: there’s a mffffff sex scene as well as a “bloody” label..violence).

However, if you are brave enough to give it a read, you can watch for the buy link coming soon to my blog and facebook.(You can also find me on Twitter)

Holding on to the Pain blurb:

I was blessed by the gods Hera and Ares. This was their gift to me. I am dead, but not dead. You see, when I became transformed into a Vampire, my heart stopped beating and it still does not beat. But I can do everything and so much more than any human with a heartbeat can. Wonderful. Is it not?” ~Xander

As the product of an oddly unusual experiment by the gods – they wanted to create the first vampire, Xander exists. It wasn’t something he had asked for but none the less he reaped the rewards just the same. As the first of his kind, he’s no longer plagued by human limitations, especially pain. Hera and Ares may have created him to be the ultimate killing machine, but there is a learning curve for even him. While enjoying his newfound power, he kills without mercy, often simply for his own pleasure. His desire for pain at times even surpasses his sexual needs. He was gifted with invincibility as well as impatience. As the years added up, he grew bored of his dominance over those in the society of war and the civilized. Humans are merely toys for him to play with and toss aside after he’s had his fill. He cares nothing for them other than the blood-thirst they sate. It can be a truly boring existence as he finds out.

Whether out of boredom or desperation, none know for sure, Xander decides he must have a companion, but who is worthy of his immortal bite? Kings, warriors, or merchants? This is part of Xander’s tale…come along for the ride as we journey with one of the greatest warriors of our time as he searches for more than mere existence. He may be a warrior like no other, one who felt no pain. In a single word: Indestructible.

My other upcoming release is Knowing Thyne (f/m/m). It will be available soon here.


It's Thyne & Adison's 5th wedding anniversary. 
Adison has always known that Thyne had an interest in men. She could tell by the way he looked at them. Rather than be offended when he finally told her three years into their marriage, she found it arousing. Now, on their little getaway for their 5th anniversary, Adison wants to make things memorable for her husband. She wants to continue their great sex life and also wants to watch him with another man--hoping that maybe, in the end, he'll let her join in with them

Thank You Kharisma for spending the day with us!  I know I am not alone when I say I can't wait for these awesome sounding stories to make their debut!



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  4. Now why would anyone NOT want to think about sex after reading this? Certainly not me. :P I've read several of your books and I can safely say that not one has been a disappointment to me! Keep it up! Can't wait to read more! Thank you so much Kharisma and thank you Alexx for this peek into Kharisma's thoughts!


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