Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boundless Opportunities For No Boundaries Press

Thanks so much to Alexx for having me here to talk a little bit about No Boundaries Press.

No Boundaries Press (NBP) was originally planned a little over two years ago. Kaleigha and I wanted to be sure we had a well thought out plan as we knew it’s difficult to trust newer companies.

I wanted to push the boundaries and bring to the front voices and stories that would be overlooked by other publishers. We knew there would be hurdles, so we tried to determine the future of books. This is one of the reasons we had a quick “recovery plan” for the new terms that PayPal is now enforcing on authors, publishers and vendor sites. 

NBP wants to offer a home that is reliable to the authors we represent. We try to reply to all emails as promptly as we can. This also goes for our customer service. There are always bound to be glitches with technology. But we try our best to make everything right and get things handled the best that we can.

We know that as a small publisher—especially being so new—that we have to take our hits and be ready to prove that we are around to stay and that we are reliable. Trust isn’t just given, it’s earned. And we’re prepared to do so and hope that we already have started that with what our current authors say about us.

One of the unexpected happenings is opening as a vendor. We knew that things would change with payment processing eventually. Although we couldn’t determine when. We knew we’d have the answer for our authors. 

However, when it happened, I decided that we could do something for others as well. It became more about censorship than of having to represent, as a publisher, those listed on our site. While we love being a publisher and love our authors...I knew this had to be done as well. So, No Boundaries became a vendor source as well. As that thought processed, we decided to not limit it to only those books that had been pushed off other shelves. So, we expanded some more and now are open to anyone for a vendor location.

Next month when NBP is here again we’ll introduce you to some of our authors.  Until then you can find us: FacebookBlogStore and on Twitter @NoBoundariesPre and our hashtag #NBPress

Best of luck to No Boundaries Press in all it's endeavors! 


  1. A courageous and timely step, and one I'm hoping will prove profitable as well as vindicating for all concerned. (bow)

    1. Eden :) I loved your open letter to Paypal.

  2. Thanks for having me today Alexx :D

    Eden, we won't make a ton off of anything as we're taking a small percent (less than any other vendor, including Amazon, that I know of). We just want to keep choices on what to read and write up to the reader and authors.

    1. You forgot to mention that you girls are AWESOME to work with. The authors get to take part in the whole process and decisions and we're all VERY informed of everything that's happening. We don't even have to ask much, most of the answers are provided for us on the yahoo loop.

  3. Awesome post! I'm very curious to see how the vendor aspect will play out and very thrilled to be joining the NBP family!