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Interview and Giveaway with Joely Sue Burkhart!

 For all you readers out there please give s super warm welcome to Author Joely Sue Burkhart.

Joely is giving away 2 super prizes today  a print copy of Hurt Me So Good and an ecopy of Golden in PDF ePub or mobi for kindle.  So after you read her wonderful interview don't forget to leave a comment with your email so we may notify the winners your choice of books!

AMC:  Where did you grow up? Do you think your childhood impacts your writing?

JSB:  I grew up in a small town called Osceola, MO. My childhood definitely impacts my writing. Since we lived out in the country, we had horses, and I almost always find a way to bring them into the story!

AMC:  Do your siblings if you have any, find their way into your stories? 

JSB:  I dedicate all my books to my Beloved Sister, Molly Burkhart. She’s a writer too and I credit her with inspiring me to finish that first book.

AMC: Growing up were you considered a “bookish person” ?

JSB:  My sixth grade teacher actually begged me to STOP turning book reports in. No joke. I read books from our small library by the shelf.

AMC: Are you married, single? Children?

JSB:  Married with three monsters (girls) ages almost 13, almost 10, and 8.

AMC:  Who do you read? What genres do you enjoy? Can you list any that you think we would enjoy? 

JSB:  I don’t read as much as I used to because I tend to write as much as I possibly can. However, I love Larissa Ione and Lynn Viehl. They’re “go to” authors when I need a reward!

AMC: Who is your all time favorite author and why? 

JSB:  Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time fantasy series. I started reading him back in 1990 or so and literally GOBBLED those huge meaty fantasy tomes for many years. I’ve re-read the first 4 books in that series at least a dozen times. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago and Brandon Sanderson is finishing the last books for him. I’ve promised myself that when the Last Battle has been published, I’ll sit down and read the entire series straight through.

AMC: Ebook or paperback? Why? 

JSB:  Both. I read mostly on my Kindle now and so do my kids. They love the instant gratification of hitting Mom up for a 1-click book (they know I’m a sucker – I can never say no to a book!). However, we do still buy paperback too, especially for gifts. I print out my ebooks that aren’t available in print for my mom, who doesn’t even have internet where she lives.

AMC:  How many books do you read in a month? What are you reading now? 

JSB:  I’m trying to read 1-2 books a month. It’s much easier now that I do have a Kindle – I can carry numerous books around with me all the time and read whatever catches my fancy. Right now, I’m reading Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland and The Disgraced Playboy by Caitlin Crews.

AMC:  What's your favorite way to relax and recharge? Hobbies? 

JSB:  I love to cross stitch and have several BAPs (big ass projects) that I hope to finish before I die. Of course having all these massive projects doesn’t prevent me from starting new ones….

AMC:  Do you have a favorite quote? Does it have a special meaning to you? 

JSB:  I’ve always been fascinated by masked heroes, especially Zorro and the Lone Ranger (masked man + big flashy horse = win!). In the hilarious Zorro the Gay Blade, there’s a very serious line where George Hamilton’s character says “How can you trust a man who wears a mask?” Indeed, how can we? But how can we not be fascinated by what’s hidden underneath? That line has stuck with me all these years, so much that I incorporated it into my tag line: Dare to look beneath the mask.

AMC:  Where do you get your story ideas from? Does your environment, mood play a part in what you write? 

JSB:  I get ideas from everywhere. An overheard comment at a restaurant. A movie. A dream. I have way too many ideas – finishing is the hard part.

AMC: How long have you been writing?
JSB:  8 years

AMC:  Do you have a writing “ritual”? Where, music, etc. 

JSB:  If you use music can you share a few of the titles so we may check them out. I like to have a playlist for each book, but that doesn’t always happen. For Yours to Take(Samhain, May 2012) the key song was “Need You Now” by LadyAntebellum. For another WIP, it’s Adele’s “Make You Feel MyLove.” Oh, if I ever hear the oldie but goodie “(Everything IDo) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams, I always cry, because it reminds me of my first book, The Rose of Shanhasson.

AMC:  Are you an out liner or a pantster? Why? 

JSB:  Both. Each book tends to have its own process. Some books I have fully plotted with notecards or spreadsheets. Other books I have it all in my head. Most fall somewhere in between. However, plotting/outlining doesn’t always mean an “easy” book to write, far from it. The book with the most plotting (3 spreadsheets and a storyboard on the wall), took the most revision and I wrestled with it for months before I was finally happy with it.

AMC:  How do you do your research? Ahead of time or do you “drop ship” it as needed. 

JSB:  Typically when I get an idea, I do research right away, which generates more ideas. It really depends on the book, though. I do tons of research for my fantasies/paranormals because I like to base the underlying mythos on real mythology or legends. I’ve got dozens of books on the Maya and Aztecs on my shelf, but also Ancient China, the Celts, Regency and Victorian London. My tastes are varied and I love them all!

AMC:  Do you set daily or weekly writing goals? What are they word count? Chapters? 

JSB:  Since I have an Evil Day Job, I write just about every free moment I have. If I’m not writing new words, I’m revising for submission, working on editor notes, filling out art sheets, etc. Lots of “writing” isn’t always new words so I don’t set a daily or weekly word count goal.

AMC:  Do you get a chance to write every day? If so do you prefer to write during the day or at night? 

JSB:  I most naturally prefer to write at night after everyone’s gone to bed, but with kids getting up early for school and my job, I can’t do that very often. I often set my alarm for “Dark & Early” – around 5 AM – to write before anyone else is even up.

AMC:  What do you hope your Books bring to readers? 

JSB:  Heart-pumping excitement, tears of joy, laughter, smoldering sex. The best compliment a reader can give is that she stayed up all night to finish the book because she couldn’t put it down.

AMC:  Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years, 10? 

JSB:  Still writing hard. I’ll be releasing my first self-pubbed books later this month (which were previously released by Drollerie Press, which has since closed its doors), so that’s a new endeavor. Of course I’d like to open up some doors to traditional publishers too, but I’m very happy with my digital-first presses and will definitely continue to publish through them as much as possible. Working with my editors has helped me grow tremendously so I have no intention of moving to strictly self-pub anytime soon, but I like the freedom to explore.

AMC:  Would you like to tell us what you're working on now? 

JSB:  I just finished up a zombie romance for NaNoWriMo (laughs, I know, but it’s hilarious and touching at the same time). I’m also inking the contract for the next Maya-inspired book for Carina Press that’s very steamy (pyramid sacrifice scene, *fans self*). And of course I’m hoping to work on the next Connagher book for Samhain to follow up shortly after #3 is published next May.

AMC:  What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

JSB:  Keep writing and finish what you start.

Some Fun Stuff
Favorite color?

Favorite food?
Cheese enchiladas

Favorite time of year and why?
Fall – love the brilliantly colored leaves and crisper air with pumpkins and baskets of apples.

3 things you want us to know but we did not cover above!
I love to write assassins, smoking hot BDSM, and anything with mythology or ancient cultures!

Tell us about your latest release.
My most recent release is Golden, an erotic (BDSM) tale of ancient China, available at Carina Press.

Bred for him...and for his bed.
Golden-eyed Jin has spent her life preparing to be the Emperor's consort. She knows her destiny is to serve the Emperor by indulging the dark desire that he has buried deep inside his heart—the desire to give pain.
Only she can take the pain he yearns to give, and transform it into the most unimaginable pleasure. But to enjoy all the Emperor can give her, she must survive assassination attempts from those who would keep them apart.
Seducing the Emperor is risky...but it's the only way to fulfill her destiny.

AMC:  This sounds so yummy!

Buy Links for Golden

Where can readers find your other books? 

Information about all my books and corresponding buy links can be found on my website.

A fun fact that readers wouldn't know about you. 

When I was in high school, I recorded a small record (two songs) and used to sing on stage every week for a local group.

How can readers learn more about you? 

I’ve got several free reads on my website, as well as information about upcoming books. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you so much for coming for a visit today!  Now Don't forget to comment and leave your email for a chance to win! 


  1. Joely I absolutely adore your books and can't wait for the next
    Connagher book!!! Thanks for the great interview and more insight to you...
    -<3 Kita ~

  2. Aw, thank you so much, Kita! I can't wait to share Vicki with everyone!

  3. Wow what a great interview! I love the sound of the zombie romance, and Golden reads to be a delicious tale :-)

  4. Great interview and I learned some thing new :) Wishing you the best with your self-publishing, Joely.

    (Don't enter me in the giveaway.)

  5. Great interview! I've one of your sister's books and I'll have to check out yours as well. All the best to you!

  6. Tessa, the zombie romance was tons of fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Kellie, thank you and so pleased you know my sister's work! My Gigolo is so much fun!

  8. Don't kid yourself, beloved Sis - you could have totally lived a music career! Of course, I hear the music business is so cutthroat and soul-sucking that I'm kinda glad you didn't go that way, but oh, to hear you sing....

  9. I'm already giving signed copies to Raelyn and GutterBall. Since there's only 3 other commenters, I'll open up the giveaway to Kita, Tessa, and Kellie. Email me your choice (print HMSG or desired eformat of Golden) at joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com and I'll get your prize out. Thank you so much, and thanks to Alexx for hosting me!