Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Reality got you down?  Ready to slip into a good story (good being the operative word)?  Then Welcome to Alexx Mom Cat’s Gateway Book Blog (“AMCGBB“).  This site was created because our free time is too valuable to waste on anything not worth reading.  

AMCGBB operates on the belief that reader’s opinions are more valuable and reliable than paid commercial reviews and opinions.  After all, aren’t readers the ones who spend their hard earned money buying the books?  Of course, AMCGBB will review books that are provided for free.  But any time a free book is provided, that fact will be noted in any review.  You may make of that fact what you will.  However, a free copy of a $7.00-$15.00 book is not going to affect the quality of the story and writing, and will not affect any opinions expressed in the reviews on this Blog.

Many reviews just cover the basic story.  You can get a synopsis of the story on the promo materials on the back of the book.  However, even when a story line is interesting, some books are difficult to read and even to finish because of the quality of the writing and/or editing.  That is why we will try to look at many aspects of a reviewed work. Do the characters engage the reader?  Does the story flow, or is it bogged down by excessive use of the passive voice?  Is it choppy?  

Most of the reviews will come from the genres that AMCGBB reviewers love best including, but not limited to, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, and anything else that catches our fancy.  

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out this Blog.

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